What are Colleagues Saying?

"Anne Hebebrand is an individual of tremendous educational and artistic merit. Her level of commitment, excellence, and her love of painting, drawing, and teaching are inspirational to all. Anne believes that a successful artist and art educator is one who continues to challenge themselves within their own work, always striving to learn from and along with her students."

-Professor of Art & Colleague, Manchester Community College, Manchester, Connecticut

"Anne...posesses a warm sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. She is a woman with wide-ranging interests, a highly respected teacher and artist, and an inspiring colleague."

-Professor of Art, Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, Connecticut

"From the beginning Anne was unafraid to set policy, establish a warm, supportive environment, create challenging projects and fill our halls and classrooms with lovely, witty, and breathtaking children's work."

-Assistant Principal, Milton Academy, Milton, Massachusetts

"Anne is astute at quickly identifying the prior experiences and challenges of each student and adapting her teaching style to accommodate everyone's needs."

-Education Manager, The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, Hartford, Connecticut




And the Students?

"You have made me much more self critical and given us tools to expand our expression. It feels good to go forward and be inspired."

-Student, Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico

"Really enjoyed your class
You are an awesome kind and supportive teacher with a very zen approach .."

-Student, Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico

"Ms. Hebebrand has changed the way that I see art and has made me want to integrate it into my life from here on out."

-High School Student, Great Path Academy, Manchester, Connecticut

"Her classes are engaging. She cares deeply about all of her students and her personality is utterly amazing."

-College Student, Manchester Community College, Manchester, Connecticut

"While in her midst, I was inspired and motivated to freely grow and blossom as an artist. I was able to awake my passion and desire to create."

-High School Student, Great Path Academy, Manchester, Connecticut