What are the Critics Saying?

As for good old-fashioned painterly abstraction, another display is worth noting……. Hebebrand deals in vivid, somewhat freewheeling abstractions that contain figural elements and achieve a striking balnace of detail and energy."

- Damsker, Matt, Abstraction through the Lens, Hartford Courant, September 9, 1999

"There is a wonderful choreography in all of her work, a patient geometry that is musical and balletic at the same time. A room of these works is a pleasure to the eye - a wonderful surprise." 

- Rosoff, Patricia, Shifting Colors, Hartford Advocate, December 5, 2002

What is remarkable is the manner in which the artist evokes a universe of color pregnant with nuanced touches…... Hebebrand's vocabulary, for all its carefully modulated restart, is quirky and quick. She'll rake a little patch of over color to allow the field to read through. - Rosoff, Patricia, “Conversations: New Paintings by Anne Hebebrand, Art New England, June/July, 2004

The French Symbolist painter Odilion Redon said his goal was "to transform human emotions into arabesques." Using that standard, Redon might well have loved the swirling, energetic colorful paintings by Anne Hebebrand, a German-born painter." 

- McNally, Owen, Lyrical Passages, Hartford Courant, April 15, 1999


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