“The real significance of her latest work, however, lies in the fact that it goes beyond the physical recognition of nature, beyond the earthly space to the spirit within.” – Lois Tarlow, 2007

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Having grown up in Germany I feel a  kinship with the playfulness of Paul Klee as well as the more geometric and analytical approach of Wassily Kandinsky. Over the years I have noticed a reoccuring dichotomy in my paintings between geometric shapes and organic mark making. Geometry gives a structure to the painting and complements intuitive mark making and gestures. Color has been a constant in my work. I love exploring new color combinations and have an emotional reaction to the richness and vitality of the colors and their juxtapositions. Matisse, Rothko, Milton Avery are some of the artists whose use of color I admire. Picasso’s Synthetic Cubism, the analytical counterpoint to Matisse’s decorative style, also seems to float in my subconscious. Reconstructing and reimagining space through shapes, colors, patterns fascinate me.

I remind myself to keep my paintings fresh by trying to focus on letting things flow and not intervening in the process. There is a very fine line between staying intuitive and not becoming too analytical or not falling back to the way one usually does things. This is where I find my voice.



Anne Hebebrand splits her time between the East Coast of the United States and Todos Santos, a small artist town in Baja California, Mexico.

Anne works in a variety of media ranging from oil, acrylics, collage and mixed media. She explores painting through experimentation; looking for new and exciting directions her painting takes her.  Vibrant color radiates from her richly layered textured paintings.  Anne's pieces are in many private collections  in the United States, Germany and Mexico. Some of Anne's creations are currently on view at the Galeria de Todos Santos in Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico and at Pez Gordo in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. Anne has been featured in several publications including the New York Times and Art New England.

An equally accomplished teacher of art, Anne was named the Connecticut Art Education Association's Outstanding Secondary Arts Educator in 2012. As a teacher, she loves to share her artistic passion and is likewise inspired by her students' creative explorations. She has taught painting, drawing and art history at the college and high school level. For the last few years she has been offering classes and workshops in her studio.

Anne was born and raised in Germany, where she joined a long artistic family tradition started at the the end of the nineteenth century by her grandmother's uncle Walter Leistikow, a noted German Impressionist landscape painter. Her grandmother Grete Leistikow married to the successful Werner Hebebrand, an architect and urban planner, was trained as one of the first female photographers in the 1920s and collaborated with her brother Hans Leistikow, an accomplished graphic artist and professor.