Painting Class in my Studio in Bath

Tuesday, October 8 - November 12

9:00 - 12:00

I will be offering another six week long class at my studio meeting once a week for three hours. The focus of the class is to work with you on your ideas. In a small group with no more than 4 students we will look at your current work and discuss it in a supportive environment. I will help you focus on areas you would like to work on. This could be composition, color, surface application, scale, form and content. I will tailor my instruction to your individual needs. We will use most of the morning to work, but will set aside some time to look at paintings you bring in or are working on in class. I will also be giving demonstrations. You can work with either oils, cold wax, acrylics, gouache, mixed media or collage.

Class fee is $250. To hold your spot I would need a deposit of $125.


Here is what past students had to say………

….Thank you Anne for a wonderful four days.  I’m energized to continue working on the series format.  I’ve already changed the orange circles down to one and now have put it aside because I like one section but don’t know what do do with it to finish it.  I hear you saying put it away and start something else. In a week or so I’ll look at it again.

…..Memorable experience!  That is, I hope to remember all the great ideas, techniques, and guidance you provided.  Wonderful to meet everyone and work on our art journeys together. Hope to continue this amazing journey with you.  


…..I didn’t properly thank you for your generous kind teachings these last six weeks. It seems you have stirred up in me a lost or hidden desire to create. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion. I feel so lucky. I had so much fun.

…..Thank you! Thank you for your generous spirit and energy! This class is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! Thank you, Anne!